Work Training

Work Adjustment Training

Work Training is short term training to assist trainees in addressing their limitations to employment. A Vocational Goal Plan is developed and individualized based on the specific needs of the trainee. TCI’s work training can be conducted on-site or in the community through Employment Coaching Services.

A trainee who participates in our In-Facility Work Training Program works under the direction of our Production Supervisors. They perform various tasks such as hand assembly, packaging, disassembly and inspection. Trainees are given an opportunity to learn to function in a work environment while coming to understand the importance of good quality, reliability, cooperation and following established work-place rules. During the work training process the trainees also have the opportunity to obtain paid work experience.

Each trainee involved in the Work Training Program has a Program Manager who is there to assist them through the work training process. Trainees are offered classes designed to give them valuable skills for seeking competitive employment as well as giving them the foundation that will assist them in maintaining that employment.