Vocational Assessment

Vocational Assessment and Community Based Assessment

A Vocational Assessment is a professional, systematic process that identifies a person’s employment assets and limitations.  Vocational Assessment at TCI can be designed to fit the individual needs of the trainee and to meet the specifications of the referral agent.   A trainee can be assessed at TCI or in the community.

Assets and limitations to employment are identified and communicated to the trainee as well as to the referral agent at the conclusion of the assessment.

The In-Facility Assessment includes work samples, vocational interest and readiness testing as well as a situational work assessment.  A work sample is a standardized assessment tool that simulates the skills used to perform various competitive jobs.  A situational assessment evaluates the consumer’s performance in a simulated work setting.

A Community Based Assessment is performed in the trainee’s local community.  Sites are developed to allow the participant to sample various types of work environments and experience  realistic community work settings.  TCI staff accompany the trainee through-out the Community Based Assessment and observe the person’s performance.