Adult Developmental Vocational Program /

 Community Living Facilities and Support

TCI’s Adult Developmental Vocational Program (ADVP) and Community Living Facilities and Support (CLFS) provides long term training for trainees with developmental disabilities and /or head trauma.  The trainees are given a variety of opportunities for participation.  Their choices include vocational training, Adult Basic Education Classes, volunteering in the community, as well as other community inclusion activities.

While involved in Vocational Training the trainee is paid for the work they produce.  They receive instruction in appropriate work behaviors, the importance of good quality work and ways of handling work-place challenges.

Adult Basic Education Classes offers classes to enhance the consumer’s academic skills.  Some participants choose to volunteer at established sites and participate in community activities under TCI staff supervision.  Leisure and recreational activities are also made available to TCI trainees participating in the ADVP/CLFS Program.