We are tracking the Coronavirus data frequently, to stay up to date with the most recent developments;  gathering information from the Center for Disease control (CDC) and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  Based on this information we are assessing our most appropriate actions.  At this time, our facility remains open as usual for all staff and clients.  We will be operating on our regular schedule and Tar River Transit’s vans will be picking clients up and taking them home as usual.

40 Years of service – Thank You Brenda!

In our front office, we have a magnetic board where our staff members indicate if they are in the building or if they have left the building, by pushing their magnetic button to either “In” or “Out”. On Thursday, January 23, 2020, Brenda Cogdell pushed her button “Out” for the last time in 40 years. On her 40 year anniversary she celebrated her well earned retirement. During her time at TCI, Brenda has worked as an ADVP Work Floor Supervisor, a Job Placement Specialist, a Program Manager and Vice-President, among others. For the past 20 years, she has served as the President of our facility. All of our clients as well as staff members knew her and appreciated her “Open-Door’ Policy as well as her willingness to do anything that she asked anyone else to do. We thank you Brenda for your many years of dedication and commitment to TCI. You will be missed.

We want to welcome our new President, Joey Ams, to our TCI family. We look forward to a new and exciting future with him. He has big shoes to fill but we know that he is up to the task. If you would like to welcome Joey or contact him, he can be reached at jams@tciworks.com or 252-977-3800, Ext. 2301.

Tri County Industries

is dedicated to . . .

enhancing the lives of persons with disabilities and/or disadvantages through work assessment, job training and job placement.  Our mission is accomplished by providing outsource services to businesses and industry.

What we do


Vocational Programs

Equipping people with disabilities or disadvantages for employment through vocational programs, employment coaching, and work training.

Production Services

Providing high-quality products and hands-on services that saves money as well as empowers our community. Our ISO registration ensures the highest standards.

Community Outreach

Community partners help ensure Tri County Industries continues its mission of equipping people with disabilities while providing quality services for local businesses.

By the numbers

(Fiscal Year 2017-2018)

Clients Served

Job Placements

Counties Impacted

Skilled workers

You need a skilled workforce with dedication and drive.  Our employees are trained and motivated to serve your hands-on production and manufacturing needs.  Our extensive vocational programs equip individuals with disabilities to be able to work with confidence and care.

Confident and Ready

CARF Accreditation is the gold standard for ensuring quality program services for our clients.  Our facility has consistently maintained the maximum allowable accreditation since our first review in 1979.  Tri-County Industries is ISO registered in manufacturing including mechanical and electrical assembly, inspection, kitting and packaging.

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