CARF International TCI-AS9100C-ISO-9001-2008-Cert-RegTCI-AS9100C-ISO-9001-2008-Cert-Reg


TCI is a unique blend of private enterprise, government funding, and local volunteers working together since 1966 to provide rehabilitation services for persons who are disabled or disadvantaged.  Our philosophy of rehabilitation is to help people develop a strong work discipline and a sense of self-worth while obtaining hands-on job experience in a realistic work environment.

TCI is a successful business enterprise providing quality services to our two major customers: persons with disabilities and / or disadvantages and the business community.

Success is accomplished when:

  • Our consumers reach their vocational potential;
  • TCI  employees and trainees produce quality products for our business customers;
  • Our trainees complete our program and provide a solid, reliable workforce for employers in the community.

TCI’s philosophy of rehabilitation centers on self discipline, a positive self-image and a sense of self-worth in a work environment.  These are major factors in a person’s ability to seek and keep a job.

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