CARF International TCI-AS9100C-ISO-9001-2008-Cert-RegTCI-AS9100C-ISO-9001-2008-Cert-Reg

...Through partnerships with area businesses such as Rocky Mount Engine Plant, Pfizer, Draka, KabaIlco, Rocky Mount Cord, and NC Department of Transportation, TCI’s employees provide cable and harness assembly, build receptacle boxes, cut and strip wires, repair cable reels, package keys, and service rest areas along I-95 and I-40, just to name a few.

TCI “employees” are not your typical employees. They are community citizens with disabilities and/or disadvantages, some of whom have significant intellectual challenges and would otherwise be unemployable. TCI gives them an opportunity to learn a skill, receive monetary compensation based on their productivity and abilities, and provide respite to their families. These “employees” are excited to come to work every day and take great pride in their accomplishments. TCI is helping our community and now they need our help. TCI was founded in 1966 with two employees. Today they have 165 employees and provide services to over 500 individuals annually. TCI moved into its current building in 1975. The 12 HVAC units that heat and cool the 43,500 square foot building are 25 years old. The units are mounted on concrete slabs on the ground, which no longer meets code, and were under five feet of water during Hurricane Floyd. Utility bills average $6,000/month and have been as high as $9,000 during the winter. Cost estimates to replace the HVAC system with more efficient units are $160,000. My goal is to help TCI raise these funds. TCI will realize significant savings on their utility bills with a more efficient system. I need your help to raise the funds for this project. Please click on the Donate Button below to make a contribution. All contributions are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support.
John A. Barker Capital Campaign Chair

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